Leading the conversation

As one of Myanmar’s first ever PR agencies and founded by a leading investment group, Zagar has been active in the media-scape since the country opened up in 2014, and since then maintained an esteemed reputation in Myanmar with global, regional and local brands as well as journalists, influencers, celebrities, partner agencies and suppliers.

We are now the leading independent PR agency in Myanmar in terms of revenue, references, and team experience.

Zagar has unparalleled expertise in leading and maintaining your conversations to raise your awareness and increase sales in the country. Put simply, we know how it works here, we understand the market, and we know the right pathways to achieve your objectives, with measurable results. To do so, Zagar offers strategic communications solutions, tailored to your needs and specifications within this unique landscape. Our toolbox includes public relations, social media, events and marketing.

Favoring long-term relationships, we have looked after the same brands and others since our launch and their market entry, nurturing their growth and carving their journey to become industry leaders, whatever the field.

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