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Founded by a team of PR, communications and emerging market professionals with over 60 years of collective experience in Southeast Asia, Zagar Communications is a public relations firm dedicated to helping organizations succeed in the Myanmar market. We pride ourselves on international best practices and standards in PR, work quality and client service.

Delivering Success

Whether or not you’re already established in Myanmar, Zagar gives you countless ways to engage with key stakeholders and create goodwill towards your brand or organization. Public relations, media relations, full campaigns, counseling, digital and experiential marketing are just a few ways we enable clients to reach their target audiences across all sectors.

Succeeding in Myanmar

We have been in Myanmar since before it opened to the world economy. In this time, we have gathered significant data that provides key insights into:

  • Myanmar media (print, radio, television, digital, etc.)
  • Consumer behavior and sentiments
  • Culture (business, family life, religion, social attitudes and more)
  • Market behaviors and trends
  • Most effective PR and marketing communications campaigns

Products and Services

Given how new the Myanmar marketplace is, especially for international brands, we have carefully created a variety of tactical PR products and services for our clients regardless of their stage of entry into the marketplace.

We hope to be a friend and guide to our clients as they introduce their brand, product or organization to the people of Myanmar. Using our knowledge and expertise, we endeavor to remove some of the mystery surrounding the marketplace so your organization has the best chance of meeting it’s public relations objectives.

  • Understand

    Not in Myanmar yet or just visiting? We’ll help you understand Myanmar, test the waters and capture the public’s interest before you get set up here.

  • Prepare

    If you’ve made the decision to take your operations to Myanmar, then let us help you enter the market successfully by generating excitement and goodwill locally.

  • Launch and Establish

    Once you are in Myanmar, you will want to establish your organization and launch your brand. We can help you do this locally, regionally or nationally with a combination of public relations, media, marketing and experiential services.

  • Build

    It is likely there are organizations like yours in the market already competing for attention, sales and media space. We’ll help you build your brand and image so you always have a presence in the marketplace.

  • Analyze

    Want to know if your strategies and tactics are effective or not? We have the capability to analyze your organizations current public relations and marketing efforts in order to create new, innovative and effective approaches to succeeding in Myanmar.

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